Berlin getaway

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This December i have accomplished a dream, to travel to Hong Kong. The experience? Overwhelming. Everything in HK moves differently from other parts of the world. At least the ones i have seen so far. The city itself is in a continuous movement; the people, the traffic, construction, day life and night life. That noise of the city will get stuck in your head for the entire trip. No chance to escape. I would like to call it, a charming chaos. The markets make HK a truly unique place. Definitely need to try the local restaurants. They are not the most welcoming in appearance and service, but the food is amazing. I have encountered the language barrier, however I felt like home along the Hollywood road. Besides the expats enjoying themselves around in the multitude of pubs and restaurants, it is the best spot to socialize. Galleries, boutique shops and antique shops are one of the best ways to spend your afternoon or evening. My trip ended up attending my friend’s wedding in Macau. It certainly was one of the most exciting weddings i have attended so far. The difference between Hong Kong and Macau? Well, while HK is full with people outdoors, Macau keeps them indoors in their casinos 🙂 If you haven’t reach HK by now, i totally recommend you do so and embrace it as much as you can. Also, i hope you can make an idea out of the photos below. Happy 2015! 🙂

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