Berlin getaway

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Amsterdam Trippin’

Such a long time! But hey! Here are some of my favs photos from my short trip to Amsterdam 🙂 Had an amaaaazing time walking around this beautiful city in both 10 and 30 degrees. Didn’t expect such a cold weather for June but it compensated with a sunny end. Hope to be back soon as i got in love with you Amsterdam.


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This December i have accomplished a dream, to travel to Hong Kong. The experience? Overwhelming. Everything in HK moves differently from other parts of the world. At least the ones i have seen so far. The city itself is in a continuous movement; the people, the traffic, construction, day life and night life. That noise of the city will get stuck in your head for the entire trip. No chance to escape. I would like to call it, a charming chaos. The markets make HK a truly unique place. Definitely need to try the local restaurants. They are not the most welcoming in appearance and service, but the food is amazing. I have encountered the language barrier, however I felt like home along the Hollywood road. Besides the expats enjoying themselves around in the multitude of pubs and restaurants, it is the best spot to socialize. Galleries, boutique shops and antique shops are one of the best ways to spend your afternoon or evening. My trip ended up attending my friend’s wedding in Macau. It certainly was one of the most exciting weddings i have attended so far. The difference between Hong Kong and Macau? Well, while HK is full with people outdoors, Macau keeps them indoors in their casinos 🙂 If you haven’t reach HK by now, i totally recommend you do so and embrace it as much as you can. Also, i hope you can make an idea out of the photos below. Happy 2015! 🙂

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Dubai Art Nights @DIFC


Artsy Dubai! A week full of art, events, music, great vibe, beautiful people and of course, artists. This is the best time to go out and explore every corner of Dubai Art week.

Yesterday was the opening of the galleries in DIFC at the Gate Village. Cool event! Nice crowd.

More events to come so hurry and explore the expositions at Madinat Jumeirah, Artdays at Emaar Boulevard and not to forget about the Sikka event at Bastakiya.

Happy art!































Walking the Boulevard

Happy 8th of March to all mothers and women all over the world!

My weekend couldn’t go more relaxing and enjoyable than it was. Started on Thursday with a wine&cheese night at the H Hotel with one of my good friends. (I must mention that I am a big fan of red wine and french cheese therefore my night was just delicious) As I didn’t wake up with a hangover on Friday, I’ve put on my shades, took my camera and decided to explore Emaar Boulevard. I’ve passed by numerous times, however i never took the time to walk along the boulevard. It was very hot. Around 27 degrees. Few people around, but those that were having walks looked happy and relaxed. Many skaters and bikers. Smell of shisha from the restaurants around. Some tourists taking pictures. A nice and quite neighborhood. Old district architecture with unexplored gardens and fountains. Again that shisha smell. I’ve stooped to a cafe and had a refreshing raspberry smoothie. Found some street art around the boulevard. Went back home and chitchat with friends. As Saturday has arrived, I’ve hit to the pool and enjoyed my very first day of the year in the sun. Didn’t get much of a tan. Cooked a healthy lunch. Ended up my day at the ladies saloon. Yeah, its sounds very girlish, but hey! 8th of March is only once a year! 🙂

Have a great day ladies!






















Street Night Art


Wow! What a great event and artistic vibe! The Street Night Art was by far, the best event i attended in Dubai. It was organized by Arabtec and took place on the 4B Street in Al Quoz area. Full with artists painting live, children painting labour buses and some very cool music bands separated on 2 stages (trucks). It was exactly what Dubai was missing… art on the streets. The whole event positively surprised me, moreover i highly appreciate the encouragement towards art given to children. Thats a big plus for Dubai! Well done and looking forward to the next one of this kind!















My favorite painting of the night, by Manar Laham



My second favorite painting by Julie Dalloz


Julie Dalloz painting


Children painting labour bus