The Sun Upon Your Face


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Vivan los novios! Fran & Yusuf Wedding Dinner

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It was three years ago, during a hot and humid morning of August, when Francesca was waiting for me to land at Dubai International Airport. We were meeting for the first time, and with that day a beautiful friendship started. This 23rd of August, I had the pleasure to be part of her wedding with Yusuf, dinner which was hosted at the place they’ve met, The JW Marriott Marquis. The buffet dinner at Kitchen 6 was delicious. I absolutely loved the desserts and of course the cheese section was my heaven.

Fran and Yusuf, I wish I can describe in words the warm feelings you always pass to me when I am around you two. You are an amazing support for each other and I feel truly blessed to have you as my friends 🙂 I wish you both a great marriage and as we say in Romanian “Casa de piatra!”

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i was going through the photos from Al Quoz Arts Festival and got eager to share with you some of my favs of that night. 🙂 Oh, and just an additional thought, I hope you all have included your creativity development as part of 2015 resolution. Enjoy 2015 with a good vibe 🙂

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The plastic-recycled city

This weekend i visited the Art Dubai galleries at Madinat Jumeirah. I was impressed with the “Extremes Maquettes” by Bodys Isek Kingelez which is now part of Cartier Foundation pour l’art contemporain. 

Back in 1995, the artist used recycled material to build this urban and colorful city of Congo. His works carries a social message, compensating for what reality and society have failed to give the city. 

Enjoy the plastic city!











Design Days Dubai


I love this week! It is cultural, edgy, artistic, vibrant, contemporary, stylish, sunny and urban. In 2 words, its Design Days. If you are interested in contemporary design or if you want to decorate your house with some artsy pieces, or just to get some inspiration, check the Design Days at Emaar Boulevard, im sure you will enjoy what you’ll see.

Happy weekend!
















































Dubai Art Nights @DIFC


Artsy Dubai! A week full of art, events, music, great vibe, beautiful people and of course, artists. This is the best time to go out and explore every corner of Dubai Art week.

Yesterday was the opening of the galleries in DIFC at the Gate Village. Cool event! Nice crowd.

More events to come so hurry and explore the expositions at Madinat Jumeirah, Artdays at Emaar Boulevard and not to forget about the Sikka event at Bastakiya.

Happy art!
































Nicole is my flatmate.

It was 5 o’clock. We were sitting in the kitchen, smoking, and looked bored. The weekend just started but it looked like a Monday. Outside was cloudy and windy but still hot. We went on the balcony. We lighted another cigarette. We contemplated at the city around us. Later on, i’ve turned on my camera.

Meet Nicole.