The Sun Upon Your Face


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Miro goes Mirror

“Mirror is called the infinity effect.”




I love changes and challenges. As you may noticed, my blog has a new name: MiroMirror! Why? First of all, the mirror is the reflection of self and so should be this blog; a reflection of the person i was, i am and i will become. Sharing on this blog the moments i am crossing along the way in this beautiful journey. My way of journey.

I find the MiroMirror name more suitable to describe the content of this blog, at this moment specifically, as the story behind it is accompanied by the changes and challenges happening right now in my life. Along with time I came to realize that whenever I don’t feel comfortable with a situation, the worst thing to do is to remain in the same position, frustrating myself more and more everyday. Most of us, stay where they are just because the society says so, being too afraid of adventures, of ‘new’. I believe that risks, the feeling of unknown, is the element that give us more confidence, maturity and happiness. I must admit that the past year wasn’t my best so far, it was definitely a new experience, but when the excitement feeling went away, I only found myself living an illusion of happiness, where in fact I was craving for a change. So I started looking for the change I needed and guess what? I did find it. It was just there, waiting for me to say ‘yes I can do it!’ It is hard to leave things and people you get attach to behind, but life should be lived without any regrets. The moment you feel something is not going according to your plan, change the plan, the things or the people and the excitement will show again. 

I am excited, curious and nervous at times about what is to happen next, but I only carry with me a positive energy. Try never let go your positivism, focus your energy in things you desire and they will happen exactly the way we wanted.